Air-handling units

Large range of modular air-handling units and compact High Efficiency Heat Recovery units

Solid Air Climate Solutions is your port of call for customised modular air-handling units, whether or not with regenerative heat recovery (WTW) or with heat recovery on the basis of adiabatic cooling. We also have an extremely comprehensive range of plug & play compact High Efficiency Heat Recovery units (HR WTW) with fully integrated control. Besides a range of modular air-handling units with separate controls, we also supply more compact, integrated solutions and deliver systems with dehumidifying technology specifically for swimming pools.

All air-handling units comply with the European ErP Regulation 1253/2014 for ventilation products, applicable as of 01-01-2016, and therefore carry CE marking. At request, these products have also been tested for the Regulation that will be tightened up as of 01-01-2018. In special cases, such as data centres, kitchen installations and industrial applications, these rules do not apply necessarily. Solid Air Climate Solutions would be pleased to advise you on the details.