Modul (KEK)
Modular air handling unit

Modul has many different possible configurations for project-specific customised work and has a range of accessories and options for high-quality and efficient air handling in large rooms. Furthermore, Modul has dimensions accurate to a millimetre, and achieves optimum results when it comes to available room, energy consumption and other project-specific requirements.

Modul is a series of modular air-handling units that can be fitted with optional field equipment and/or integrated controls.

Modul provides a complete range of options, with or without heat recovery and/or recirculation, but also available as supply or just return. They are available as a horizontal, stacked or vertical air-handling unit and available in standard, hygienic, swimming pool, or explosion-safe (ATEX) versions.

Our modular air-handling units are designed in such a manner that they are standard compliant with ErP 2018.


  • Air flows of 400 m3/h to 190,000 m3/h
  • Fully customised configuration
  • Panel thickness of 50 or 60mm
  • Can be positioned indoors or outdoors
  • Horizontal, stacked for vertical version
  • Low noise production and radiation


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