Plasterboard climate ceiling with plastic activation

This climate ceiling, the GKP, is characterised by cooling and heating with a water system that is fitted in the new suspended ceiling, which creates a constant and comfortable indoor climate.

It does away with the need for disruptive elements, such as radiators, pipes and air-conditioners, whilst the heat yield is the same as those of radiators and cooling is more favourable compared to existing systems.

Every type of textured finish and colour is possible and comparable to a traditional modular ceiling. The positioning of recessed items, such as spot lights, speakers etc. are determined in the design, but suspension points (max. 10 kg) can always be applied.

  • Suitable for t-bar mounted/surface-mounted facilities
  • Minor lowering (minimum approximately 45 mm)
  • Favourable capacity for cooling and heating
  • Suitable for new-build, renovation projects and housing-related projects, such as flats, hotels, and care homes
  • Easy to assemble

Cooling capacity: 55 W/m2 in accordance with NEN-EN: 14240 (DT: 8K )
Heating capacity 80 W/m2 in accordance with NEN-EN: 14037 (DT: 15K).

The basic material of the GKP is 15mm-thick plasterboard. The heating/cooling capacity can be increased by adding graphite to the core. The plasterboard is available on a project basis with a perforation pattern for a higher sound-attenuating value.

The back of the activated plasterboard is standard fitted with double-sided aluminium cached PIR isolation plate. Thickness 30mm

Weight of the GKP-75 ceiling is approximately 15 kg/m2

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