Metal climate ceiling with plastic activation

The metal climate-ceiling system can be used in ceiling islands, a trapezium and/or a vaulted ceiling. Combinations with other ceiling types produce new options in terms of colour, material and cost aspects. Either way, we ensure that the required design is produced as a climate ceiling.

Metal climate ceilings with plastic activation, OKLH, are often used in combination with integrated lighting and Solid Air diffusers (incl. the invisible clean diffuser CTVK).

There are also space-saving systems that are extremely suitable for tall buildings and renovation projects.

The characteristic of climate ceilings is that rooms are cooled and heated by means of a water system that is fitted in metal ceiling plates. Whilst the air is drawn in and exhausted by means of diffusers integrated into the ceiling. The benefit of this system, compared to all otherclimate-control systems, is that heating, cooling and air changes take place in one location. The characteristics of the metal climate ceiling with plastic activation, OKLH, are:

  • The OKLH has a large cooling and heating capacity
  • Low energy
  • Flexible in design
  • Favourable EPN, highest comfort class A in accordance with EN 7730

In our plastic activation, the copper tube is replaced by a 5-layer coextruded tube. This tube is permanently diffusion-proof in accordance with DIN 4726. The plastic tube, diameter 10x1.3 mm, is clipped into an aluminium heat-transfer profile, which in turn is glued into the ceiling panel under increased pressure and temperature. The fact that the heat conductivity of this tube is lower than for copper is compensated by having the register 100mm centre-to-centre. It ensures that the ultimate capacity is virtually the same as of the copper version (OKLH) with 150mm centre-to-centre.

The cooling or heating capacity depends on the panel parameters, cooling water in the building and the ΔT in use.

Cooling capacity: 70 - 90 W/m2
Heating capacity: 80 - 140 W/m2

OKLH stands for:
O climate ceiling
K metal
H plastic activation



Finish: powder coating
Thickness: 0.7 mm thick
Perforation: standard 16% passage.

Suitable for various types of modular ceilings and bandrasters.

Insulation blanket

Insulation thickness: variable
Insulation pressing: variable
material: flame-retardant black PE film
fire-safe: CE marked

The plasterboard cover plate for additional lengthways sound insulation is optional.


The OKLH activation pipes are made of plastic, 5 layer diffusion-proof in accordance with DIN 4726, with dimensions 10 x 1.3 mm.

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