Afrikaclub Beekse Bergen

A new centre building at the Beekse Bergen holiday park. The old building was destroyed by a fire in June 2021. The new building has become a worthy successor! The building is about the same size as the old building and that while more functions have been added. Using the same space more, by organizing the building more logically.

For this project, all technology has been kept “in sight”.

Solid Air Climate Solutions has been able to supply various grilles for this project, such as our P series ceiling grilles which are standard equipped with exhaust pattern adjustment blades and our WU series wall grilles. The wall grid type WUCA is double adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

In addition, the VVO/VRVR VAV controllers from Solid Air have been installed.  The VAV unit VVO is suitable for room temperature and flow control in low, medium and high pressure installations, both for supply air and for exhaust air. By applying Variable Volume Controls, it is prevented that unnecessary (too) much air is moved to the room in question. Depending on temperature and/or CO2 content, more fresh air is supplied.

Key features:

  1. Seven models, suitable for air volumes from 27 to 4,520 m3/h
  2. High control accuracy
  3. Factory set to requested minimum and maximum air quantity
  4. Suitable for any type of line of manufacture
  5. Prepressure independent with low own resistance

Finally, the building is equipped with VCMH CAV controllers and valves.

The good cooperation between Bevers Installatietechniek and Solid Air Climate Solutions is certainly worth repeating.

Sector: Catering industry
Type: Renovation
Location: Beekse Bergen
Installer: Bevers Installatietechniek

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