Project Handelsweg

Hoppenbrouwers Techniek has centralized their service department, which means that they are growing out of their jacket. That is why they have completely renovated their existing building at Handelsweg 5 in Udenhout. This was the biggest challenge to make the building from the 1980s completely sustainable.

Sustainability and comfort

Hoppenbrouwers: “Hoppenbrouwers aims, among other things, to be the best employer for its employees and therefore aims for a good indoor climate (good thermal comfort and low CO2 values). In addition, Hoppenbrouwers wants to present itself as a sustainable installer.”

“With a view to sustainability, we first look at the trias energetica. After purchasing the new building on Handelsweg, Hoppenbrouwers first made savings on the building shell (sun shading on sun-loaded facades and triple-plus glazing). These statistics also contribute directly to a better experience of comfort.”

Climate installation from Solid Air Climate Solutions

The induction units, type OKNI, from Solid Air Climate Solutions have been chosen for the climate installation. The induction unit type OKNI has a high capacity and is suitable for ventilating, cooling and heating rooms with a height of up to approximately 3 metres.

“Looking at thermal comfort, we initially looked at a delivery system, equipped with climate ceilings (thermal comfort class A), but because this did not quite fit within the budget, we opted for a nice alternative. It was decided to use ceiling induction units OKNI from Solid Air. This ensures thermal comfort high in class B (so close to class A). Because the OKNI ceiling induction units are positioned on a grid of 1,800 mm and the heat and cold requirement can be controlled per ceiling induction unit, the distribution system is extremely flexible. Only an adjustment of the control cabling needs to be made and possibly the relocation of an OKNI unit. This ensures that any future changes to the room layout can be realized without major and often costly interventions on the installations. Because the OKNI ceiling induction systems do not contain fans and filters, the costs for maintenance are minimal and disruption on the work floor due to maintenance is not applicable.”

Chilled Beams provide a comfortable and healthy living and working environment, high energy efficiency, minimal maintenance costs and extensive architectural options. Characteristic of designs with induction systems is a minimal space requirement in the building.

“In the end, the building was put into use and the employees are very positive about the indoor climate”.

Sector: Offices
Type: Renovation
Location: Udenhout

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