Swimming pool Meierijstad de Neul

Swimming pool Meierijstad de Neul

In Sint Oedenrode, the old swimming pool has been removed and space has been made for a completely new swimming pool. The new building has been made sustainable in accordance with today’s requirements. In addition, the swimming pool will become completely attractive again for the visitor. The swimming pool will be completed at the end of 2021.

Solid Air Climate Solutions supplied a number of products for this new construction project, such as ceiling and wall grilles, VAV and CAV units. For this project, the grilles were supplied in aluminum instead of standard steel. Furthermore, the gratings are also provided with an extra coating in order to withstand the high humidity and the high chlorine content.

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Solid Air Climate Solutions is part of the Nijburg Industry Group.

Sector: Multifunctionele gebouwen
Type: Renovation
Location: Sint Oedenrode

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