Synthon- Byondis

Commissioned by Verstappen van Amelsvoort BV, Solid Air Climate Solutions supplied products for the head office of Synthon-Byondis.

The pharmaceutical company in Nijmegen is equipped with various air technical appendages. Synthon Byondis is working on a green campus. Health, safety and innovation are central to the green campus. The installed OKNI chilled beams extract part of the cooling capacity from water, which is a better energy carrier than air. Applying an OKNI chilled beams ensures that relatively less air is required and this saves energy.

The silencers, perforated grilles and OKNI induction units from Solid Air Climate Soltuions together make a major contribution to the ‘green’ project of Synthon-Byondis.

Sector: Education
Type: New construction
Location: Nijmegen

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