The fact that we are dealing consciously with society and how we can perform our business operations to best effect within this context, taking account of the effects of our business operations, is expressed in our mission for the coming years:

“As a total supplier, we contribute to a more comfortable and healthier indoor climate in living and working environments by producing and delivering sustainable solutions.”


All our actions and objectives for the coming years are focused on being able to continue serving our clients, to continue growing and the constant innovation of our products and processes without losing sight of society.



A better environment starts at home

During the development of our top-quality products we strive for the lowest possible impact on the environment. “A better environment starts at home” is something we have taken to heart; our own head office is fully energy neutral. We also create an optimum and safe working climate for our employees, we encourage diversity and creativity, and that is our business card. The versatility within the organisation and the added value and customised work we provide for every project, ensure an integrated vision that is aware of the environment in which we operate.

The integrated vision goes beyond the Departments that are involved directly with the development, sale and assembly of our products. Within Marketing, HR and Finance we look consciously at our clients in the market and at how we can assist those clients with their needs and issues. We also consider our personnel, their level of training and the scarce profiles that are starting to appear in the market, but that we do or will require in the organisation.