CO2 performance ladder

It is our mission to make the living environment of the buildings in which people stay healthy, while keeping people and the environment in mind. We do this within the Nijburg Industry Group by reducing CO2 emissions from our emission sources: equipment, commercial vehicles, office buildings, factory and third parties. We use the CO2 Performance Ladder for this.


The CO2 Performance Ladder is the sustainability instrument of the Netherlands that helps companies and governments to reduce CO2 in business operations, in projects and in the chain. SKAO is the independent owner and operator of the CO2 Performance Ladder. With the CO2 Performance Ladder, SKAO encourages companies to reduce CO2 with the aim of achieving a climate-neutral business community. View our company page here.

In addition, the Nijburg Industry Group has joined Stichting Nederland CO2 Neutral in order to share knowledge within the entire construction chain and to work together on a climate-neutral environment.