In addition to a variety of modular air handling units with or without control, there is a demand in the market for more compact and integrated solutions, which take into account the available space. Solid Air Climate Solutions has improved the compact units by delivering better performance at the same or even smaller dimensions of the units. Ideal for schools, restaurants, offices and home/care centers. The Compact CPL-CRO are Eurovent certified, comply with the ERP rules, are quiet, smart and energy efficient.

CPL: compact air handling unit with plate exchanger

The CPL is designed as a plug & play solution for achieving a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. To make internal transport easy, the larger units are modular, so that the individual parts of the interior setups are never wider than 1 meter.

The CPL responds to the particulate matter problem and is therefore standard suitable for selecting a second filter, without the unit becoming larger. By selecting two filters, the air is both pre-filtered and post-filtered.

The model CPL is a heat recovery unit with plate exchanger and achieves efficiencies > 90 %, is available for air flows up to 6100 m3/h.

CRO: compact air handling unit with heat wheel

Model CRO is the compact HR HR HR HRTW unit from the Compact CPL-CRO range with high efficiency heat wheel and yields up to 90 %. This unit is suitable for recovering heat from air flows up to 9,000 m3/h, without compromising its compact design. The heat wheel is equipped with a new labyrinth sealing system so that the leakage percentage is < 2 %. The heat wheel is available in condensation, adsorption or enthalpy version.

Most important features:

  • Compact air handling unit
  • Eurovent certified
  • High efficiency and comprehensive accessories
  • Low noise production
  • Equipped with innovative control functions
  • Easy installation and maintenance

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