Large, complex projects require flexibility from the air treatment system, both in application and in use. For such projects, Solid Air offers the KEK Unit a modular air handling unit with air flows of up to 190,000 m3/h.

This range has, with project-specific customization, many setup options and has a variety of accessories and options for efficient air treatment and climate control. In addition, our modular units can be dimensioned to the millimetre, achieving an optimal result when it comes to using the available space and other project requirements.

Most important features:

  • Eurovent gecertificeerd
  • Air flows of 400 m3/h to 190,000 m3/h
  • Fully customised configuration
  • Can be positioned indoors or outdoors
  • Horizontal, stacked for vertical version
  • Panel thickness of 50 mm
  • Low noise production and radiation
  • Fiscal benefits possible (Energy Investment Allowance assetcode 210801)

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